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Nazarene Ministries Active in West Africa


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All across West Africa there are faithful servants of the Lord just living out their faith in their communities.  They would not consider what they do as extraordinary but we believe that you should hear their stories.  It will encourage and challenge you and maybe even compel you to pray extra hard for them.  Their lives are making a difference in others and we celebrate their dedication to ministry to others.

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Children Ministry Update August 2010 by Laurie Watton, Children’s Ministry Coordinator

I am just wanting to let you know that Ministry to Children is going forward across the field.  It is alive and growing….just like the many many children who will someday take your place as pastors, laymen and women, and leaders.

As you plan your strategy meetings, I encourage you to share the stories of how children are being intentionally discipled and evangelized in your local churches/zones/districts/countries.   Encourage one another!!!

As AWF Children’s ministry coordinator, I want to give you a very brief overview of the training and activities that have gone on since we last met together in Accra (April 2010)

Training in Sierra Leone Basic children’s ministry, which included evangelism and quizzing as well as other children’s ministry skills. It was an exciting time with close to 50 attending, including younger youth.  They are eager.  One young man in attendance who loves the Lord and is passionate about ministering to street children as well as those in the community brought 12 older children to the workshop!  One of the boys was SO eager to have an evangecube so that he could go and use it!

3 North American YIM teams ministered for 7 weeks  in Liberia, RCI, and Senegal.  Children and youth ministry was their focus.

 South RCI district hosted a Children’s Day/weekend.

Training in Ghana:  Coastal District/ Ghana YIM team.  The focus was on how to plan, organize and implement a Vacation Bible School.  Three Ghanaian male youths were chosen by the 3 Ghanaian DS to be the FIRST NATIONAL AWF YIM team in Ghana : ministering to children and teaching laypeople in the chosen local churches across Ghana.

To date, the YIM team  has lead and taught  the children at the FIRST CHILDREN’S camp hosted and organized by the Ghana midland’s district.

The YIM team have now lead 2 weeks of Vacation Bible schools at 2 different church locations.  They are presently on their 3rd week.  They are scheduled to travel to Northern Ghana and do much teaching/training, as well as VBS. 

Training in Ouagodougou, Burkina Faso.  This was also an exciting time.  They are eager and there is one pastor who ministers to many children, holding camps.  They are eager to continue the training.

Nigeria:  was planning a special children’s weekend. No report.

The point is:  BE INTENTIONAL about ministering to and discipling  CHILDREN on a regular and consistent basis.   PLEASE BE LEADERS WHO ENCOURAGE YOUR PASTORS AND LAITY in this way.   

At the present time, there are resources available:  Quizzing material (though not yet available in French.  Region is doing the translating we are patiently waiting for this resource in French )  Sunday school teaching material:  PLEASE refer to TIM EBY as to which resource will be available and when for the 2010-2011 year.  

DISCOVER MY FAITH; available in French and English

You are not without teaching options!  You maybe without people who will be champions.  Pray for workers.  Train workers.

I pray that as leaders, you will remember to weave into your strategies ministry to children.

May the Lord bless and keep you until we meet again.

Rich blessings to you all.  You are loved and valued.  May the Spirit of the Lord encourage each of you.  May there be a strong spirit of unity and harmony, with the anointing of God’s power upon all.

Your sister in Christ,